Slicing technologies and surface treatment for the semiconductor industry.

Semiconductor industry

The semiconductor industry produces microelectronic components and sub-assemblies and is thus part of the electronics industry. The semiconductor industry is a fast-growing industry.

Technologies for the semiconductor industry

  • We supply the semiconductor industry with equipment for the process steps of slicing and cutting as well as coating and printing, in addition to software and automation solutions. Meyer Burger sawing technologies enable ingots to be cut into high-value wafers that satisfy the stringent requirements in respect of waviness and thickness accuracy.
  • In the area of coating, structuring and machining of surfaces, Meyer Burger offers an extensive range of ion beam and plasma coating solutions. The ion beam and plasma sources for this purpose are specially made in-house.
  • In addition, Meyer Burger offers custom-designed inkjet printers for the R&D area as well as for volume production.  
  • Software solutions are also part of the Meyer Burger product portfolio. Meyer Burger sells solutions for automation, control (of system component groups, cluster tools and inline systems), interfaces and machine data collection. It also offers a development platform for creating automation software.

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