Rail & Transport

Our software systems allow marshalling yards and configurable train wash facilities to be automated.

Rail & Transport Industry

The demands placed on rail technology are growing due to the constantly increasing transport volume and the resultant increase in complexity.

Technologies for the rail sector

  • We supply the rail sector with solutions for control systems, maintenance and process control.
    In the control system area, Meyer Burger provides software and hardware solutions for automated sequence control in marshaling yards.
  • For maintenance planning, Meyer Burger offers systems that are linked to the control systems. In this way, the maintenance system receives the information it needs to trigger maintenance orders automatically.
  • The Meyer Burger product portfolio also includes process control solutions. Solutions for gathering machine data enable an overview of equipment condition to be obtained. Based on this information, potential improvements can then be identified. 

Our products

Railway Technology
Control systems & software solutions
Railway Technology

Intelligent automation solutions for rail transport are needed to meet the goal of transferring transport from road to rail.