In the pharmaceutical industry, reliability and accuracy are vital. Printing systems make it possible to produce pocket laboratories and store samples on microchips.

Pharmaceuticals industry

Pharmaceuticals is one of the strongest-selling and most innovative industries in the world and records constant growth.

Technologies for the pharmaceutical industry

  • We supply the pharmaceutical industry with equipment for the areas of coating and printing as well as for process automation and control.
  • In the coating area, Meyer Burger provides plasma-based solutions as well as “roll-to-roll” and “sheet-to-sheet” solutions based on atomic layer deposition.
  • In the print area, Meyer Burger offers an inkjet printing platform developed especially for the R&D of inkjet printing processes.
  • Software solutions are also part of the Meyer Burger product portfolio. Meyer Burger sells solutions for automation, control (of system component groups, cluster tools and inline systems), interfaces. It also offers a development platform for creating automation software. 

Our products