Silicon nano particles produced on Meyer Burger coating systems lead to a significant capacity increase in lithium ion batteries.

Battery Industry

Battery technology is becoming ever more important. The demand for use in mobile devices is constantly increasing, electro mobility is becoming more and more relevant, and with regard to renewable energy, batteries are able to bridge the gap between the time of electricity production and its consumption.

Technologies for the battery industry

  • We supply the battery industry with equipment for the coating process as well as with software and automation solutions.
  • In the coating area, Meyer Burger provides plasma-based solutions as well as “roll-to-roll” and “sheet-to-sheet” solutions based on atomic layer deposition.
  • Software solutions are also part of the Meyer Burger product portfolio. Meyer Burger sells solutions for automation, control (of system component groups, cluster tools and inline systems), interfaces and machine data collection. It also offers a development platform for creating automation software. 

Our products