Ion Beam Trimming

In the manufacturing of semiconductors and high-precision optical equipment, the optical surfaces always require higher standards of uniformity, quality and functionality of the functional layers. The requirements are ideally covered by our ion beam technologies.

When trimming surfaces with ion beams, the surface is selectively and locally etched, so that almost any surface topographies can be achieved.

The achievable layer thickness distribution on the substrate after correction typically lies in the sub-nanometer range.

In particular, trimming is used in the manufacturing of SAW and BAW filters to tune the surface properties and thus the frequency. Here, as in the production of piezoelectric resonators and read/write modules, the procedure has been established as a key manufacturing step.

Further options include processes such as ion beam figuring that is applied to curved optical substrates and freeform surfaces. For demanding large substrates a special ICP-based ion beam source was developed with a large radius of action. This allows the movement of the ion beam source over static, not moving substrates (face-down processing, substrate static). Thus, for example, sensitive and large mirrors for astronomical and other applications can be processed.


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