Main bearing overhaul

for wire saws

Essential to ensure functional bearings

The main bearing is a core part of a wire saw and has a direct influence on sawing quality. Over a period of usage, the main bearing is worn off due to mechanical and heat stress, which reduces its performance. Deep cleaning, new greasing and changing of mechanical components such as built-in bearings ensure smooth rotational movement of the main bearing. Main bearing overhaul is recommended at least every 12,000 hours.

Your benefits

  • Increased yield
    Ensured high sawing quality
  • Increased uptime
    Fewer production interruptions due to bearing breakdown
  • Lowest cost of ownership
    Significantly enhanced consistency of sawing quality and prolonged main component’s lifetime
  • Enhanced customer flexibility and simplified operation
    A comprehensive admission examination ensures safe and trouble-free work with overhauled main bearings


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