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Diamond wire saw DW 288

The first truly dedicated Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond wire technology is a must for any manufacturer of monocristalline wafers who wants to achieve the highest wafer quality at the lowest possible costs and the highest possible yield. With its DW 288, Meyer Burger offers the first diaomond wire saw that has been developed exclusively for this slicing technology. Like no other diaomond wire saw, the DW 288 is able to achieve the benefits of this technology in the wafering process.

The diamond wire technology from Meyer Burger achieves a further reduction in cost per wafer. The environmentally friendly water based sawing process cuts the brick at double the cutting speed compared to the standard slurry cutting process. This increases production output significantly and maximises machine capacity. The high quality and ultra-thin wafers cut with diamond wire are perfectly suited for application in the trendsetting heterojunction (HJT) cell process.

Diamond Wire Management System (DWMS)

Winner of the Solar Award 2014, the DWMS is an innovative wire winding system which has been specially designed for Meyer Burger diamond wire saws. During cutting, the wire is wound and unwound on spools on each side of the wire web. The innovative DWMS design separates the spool into a supplier (storage) part and a working part. On the working part, the wire is wound in non-overlapping windings with a minimal pitch. This completely eliminates wire to wire contact, thus extending the life of the wire.


  • Lowest consumption of diamond wire - reduction up to 70 %
  • Highest throughput - up to 5 mio wafers per year
  • Robust process - wafering yield > 98 %
  • Capable of slicing mono / multi with DW
  • Highest material conversion yield

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