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Diamond Wire Saw DW288 Series 3

Designed for thinnest wires at highest wire speed

Diamond wire technology is a must for any manufacturer of monocrystalline wafers wanting to achieve the highest wafer quality at the lowest possible costs and the highest possible yield.

The diamond wire saw DW288 Series 3 has been designed for use with extremely fine wires. This minimizes kerf loss and maximizes the output from the material. Overall, the cutting procedure is halved, and the smaller wire guide roller distance significantly shortens the cutting process. Thanks to the innovative Diamond Wire Management System (DWMS), there is significantly less diamond abrasion. Here, the wire is wound on a special spool – not on top of itself but in parallel. This eliminates any wire-to-wire contact.


  • Highest throughput guaranteed: Wire speed of 30 m/s, loading length of 650mm, 2 hours of cutting time
  • Less kerf loss thanks to wires as thin as a human hair
  • Lowest wire consumption with DWMS (1 m/wafer)
  • Best quality guaranteed: Higher wire tension due to tight wire tension control and wire tension decoupling
  • Prepared for future of ultra-thin wafers thanks to TTV of < 10 um

The diamond wire technology from Meyer Burger achieves a further reduction in cost per wafer. The environmentally friendly water-based sawing process cuts the brick at double the cutting speed compared to the slurry cutting process. This significantly increases production output and maximizes the machine's capacity. The ultra-thin wafers cut with diamond wire are perfectly suited for application in the groundbraking heterojunction (HJT) cell process.

Diamond Wire Management System (DWMS)

Winner of the Solar Award 2014, the DWMS is an innovative wire winding system which has been specially designed for Meyer Burger diamond wire saws. During cutting, the wire is wound and unwound on spools on each side of the wire web. The innovative DWMS design separates the spool into a supplier storage part and a working part. On the working part, the wire is wound in non-overlapping windings with a minimal pitch. This completely eliminates wire to wire contact, thus extending the life of the wire.

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