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Diamond wire saw DW 288

The first truly dedicated Diamond Wire Saw

Diamond wire technology is a must for any manufacturer of monocristalline wafers who wants to achieve the highest wafer quality at the lowest possible costs and the highest possible yield. With its DW 288, Meyer Burger offers the first diaomond wire saw that has been developed exclusively for this slicing technology. Like no other diaomond wire saw, the DW 288 is able to achieve the benefits of this technology in the wafering process.

Over and above, the DW 288 is the centerpiece of the Meyer Burger WaferLine, the integrated solution for wafer manufacturing.

DW 288 - Characteristics and Customer Benefits

  • Sophisticated wire management

    -Extended wire lifetime
    -Lowest cost of ownerschip

  • Highspeed with up to 25 m/s

    -Faster material removal
    -Increased capacity

  • Stable processes

    -Maximum yield
    -Simple maintenance

  • Perfectly designed consumables

    -Holistic approach
    -One-stop shop; reduced complexity

  • Waterbased process

    -Environmental friendly
    -Tailored for local needs

Additional Benefits

  • Thin wafer (≥100 µm) / thin wire (≥100 µm core)
  • One Touch Carrier System – wafer protection during transport and minimized handling steps
  • Optimized axis distance & maximum load length
  • Lowest number of wear parts and good accessibility
  • Pick & place / plug & play installation
  • Lowest footprint including service area

Workpiece dimension

125 x 125, 156 x 156 mm

Loading length

620 mm

Workpiece holders

1 x 620, 2 x 310 mm

Cutting fluid

Water based (glycol optional)

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