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Wafer Inspection System WIS-06

Wafer quality control system: Best technology fo most reliable inspection results

The wafer inspection system WIS-06 inspects silicon wafers used in photovoltaic industry and sorts them according to their quality.

The WIS-06 wins over manufacturers thanks to its flexible modular set-up. An in-house designed laser combined with new cameras detects saw marks and the bow accurately, especially on wafers which have been cut with resin-bonded or electroplated diamond wire. Furthermore, the optional transflection technology detects µ-cracks and reduces the negative impact of grains on the surface of poly wafers. Moreover, the matrix system not only spots saw marks on the edge of wafers but also on whole the surface.


  • Highest flexibility thanks to modular set-up
  • One system for all: Compatible with diamond wire and slurry cut wafers
  • High throughput of 4000 wafers/h.
  • Lowest breakage rate minimizes operation costs
  • No misjudge of good wafers: Transflection technology detects highly accurate µ-crack
  • Matrix system detects saw marks caused by SiN/SiC inclusions in multi wafers
  • Perpendicular edge detection (PED) copes with edges from different grinders

Measured Parameters

  • Thickness, TTV
  • Saw marks
  • Edge defects
  • Chipping
  • Resisteivity
  • Stain
  • Micro Crack / Inclusions
  • Geometry
  • Sori, Bow
  • Lifetime
  • Grain size

Non-visual crack detection (NVCD)

  • Best infrared-based technology for detection of micro cracks and
  • SiC inclusions available on the market
  • Hennecke is established market leader in the field of micro crack detection
  • NVCD is the most efficient tool to save cost in cell production because a breakage of wafers is avoided

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