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Material tracking system

Tracking from brick dwon to the finished module.

The Hennecke Systems compressed (HSC) code is a powerful tracking system allowing you to trace your material flow from the brick down to the finished module. You can use it to optimize your production, but also to have a perfect control of your supply chain.

Two codes are written by means of a laser. The first is a brick code which allows you to know from which brick/ingot your wafer/cell is coming from. The second code allows you to know the exact position where this wafer/cell is coming from within this brick. This means that by reading the code you know the exact 3D position of the wafer within the ingot.

Paid back within a few months

The best part is that the investment and running costs are so low (<0.001USD/Wp) that it will be paid back within a few months.

Hennecke continuous dot-matrix marking system

With the Hennecke continuous marking system you can mark each wafer with a dot-matrix code (DMC). This will allow you to follow the wafer in the production process. Furthermore, with a dot matrix reader each measurement result can be track back to the wafer. With the Hennecke continuous marking system, 3,600 wafers will be marked per hour.

HSC brick marking system

With the brick marking system you can mark each brick with the SEMI-standardized Hennecke compressed code (HSC). This will put you in position to know where your brick and wafer will be. With a WTS reader from Meyer Burger each measurement result can be traced back to the wafer. With the HSC brick marking system, a 500mm brick will be marked within 3 minutes.

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