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Wafer Inspection System

The HE-WI-05 wafer inspection system inspects silicon wafers used in photovoltaic industry with regard to parameters, which are relevant for the cell's later performance.

This process happens with highest precision and a throughput of approximately 3,600 wafers per hour. The data is measured “on-the-fly” and collected in a database. At the same time, a selection of the wafers according to criteria customized by the customer is performed.

Measured Parameters


- Thickness, TTV

- Micro Crack / Inclusions

- Saw marks

- Geometry

- Edge defects

- Sori, Bow

- Chipping

- Lifetime

- Resistivity

- Grain size

- Stain

Non-visual crack detection (NVCD)

Some facts:

  • Best infrared-based technology for detection of micro cracks and
    SiC inclusions available on the market
  • Hennecke is established market leader in the field of micro crack detection
  • NVCD is the most efficient tool to save cost in cell production because a breakage of wafers is avoided

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