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Photoluminescence module

Measurement with photoluminescence is the ideal solution to check wafer quality and to forecast their efficiency as cells before the cell production process is financed.

This module is able to detect the quality of silicon material, e.g with regard to impurities or particle inclusions. This allows making a forecast of the future cell's efficiency. If you know that a wafer will result in a cell with an efficiency of 14%, no money needs to be spent on diffusion, metallization paste, AR coating, or so.

Photoluminescence is also the only solution to check the real quality of mono-like wafers. Even if a mono-like wafer looks like a mono wafer, it still doesn't mean it will behave like and have the efficiency of a true mono wafer. The reason for this are particle inclusions, that can only be seen by using photoluminescence. This means that photoluminescence is the only way to avoid the further processing of bad wafers.

This module can feed high-speed production (3,600 Wph), but can also be used as laboratory device with manual feeding. Of course, it can also be integrated to a Hennecke Systems wafer inspection line.

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