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Today companies have to produce their products highly automated under compliance of very high quality standards. Thereby a flexible production of different products must be possible, allowing for a configurable production flow over different production steps and guaranteeing a complete quality control and traceability of data. The analysis of machine data is the basis for a high efficiency and availability of the production equipment.

A software framework for production control

Our MES (Manufacturing Execution System) FabEagle®MES provides all functions for a comfortable, scalable production control. An innovative software framework is the basis for communication and integration of an extensive selection of available functional MES software modules. Thanks to the modular structure, client-specific functional extensions are possible at any time.

The modules of MES

  • Production visualization
  • Order management
  • Production control
  • Traceability / tracking
  • Trending
  • Reporting
  • Recipe management
  • Machine data acquisition
  • Alarm management
  • SPC (Statistical Process Control)
  • APC (Advanced Process Control)
  • Maintenance management
  • Expert system
  • Logbook / machine log

Your benefits at a glance

  • FabMESEagle® is designed as client-server architecture and is based on the object-oriented automation platform VACsuite with its extensive automation functions.
  • FabEagle®MES is modular in its functions, horizontally and vertically scalable for different production structures and measurements as well as configurable.
  • FabEagle®MES has open interfaces for adaptation of third-party software.
  • FabEagle®MES uses standard databases (e.g. ORACLE®)
  • FabEagle®MES offers many already prepared analysis/reporting functions and possibilities for project-specific extensions.
  • The process stations can be connected over different interfaces to the MES. The available interface of the control system VACsuite are of great help (Profibus, CAN-Bus, Industrial Ethernet, RS 232, et al.).
  • All objects and functions of VACsuite are available for the integration of project-specific functions, thereby securing an effective extension of functions and integration possibilities.

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