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Pasan offers a highly reliable HiPot system which can be fully integrated into the flashlight station or which can be used as standalone unit. The unit can perform all measurements according to the most important standards, continuity, insulation and hipot tests. For the different measurements and the corresponding power measurement, the connections can be changed manually. On the other hand, the whole cycle can be fully automated.

The system includes

  • SXS16 Hipot tester
  • An ethernet cable to drive the Hipot, either from our IV measurement software (only available for SunSim 3b/3c) or from another system
  • 4 (2x2) cables to measure continuity
  • A cable for the HV return point
  • A high voltage cable in Y shape to connect to the positive and negative terminal of the module
  • User manual


  • Kit 30A for manual contacting
  • Kit 40A for manual contacting
  • Kit 40A for automatic contacting
  • Option XS-02 to control the device with a PLC (API interface) instead of  the Ethernet 

Your Contact: Global Sales

TEL: +41 33 221 28 00