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Solar modules are sold based on performance categories. Therefore, the precise performance measurement of the finished modules is of critical importance. According to their performance, the sun simulators used for measuring the performance of a solar module are classified into different accuracy classes.

The IEC Standard IEC 60904-9 classifies sun simulators into the three categories A (the best), B and C, depending on three parameters.

The Pasan DragonBack® method facilitates highest-accuracy measurements of high-efficiency modules (e.g. HJT technology) with lowest TCO.

IEC 60904-9

Class A


Non-uniformity of irradiance

≤ 2 %

≤ 1.0 %

Pulse instability (long term)

≤ 2 %

≤ 1.0 %

Spectral irradiance distribution

≤ ± 25 %

≤ ± 12.5 %

Usable irradiated area

Usable irradiated area SunSim 3b/HighLIGHT VLMT: 3.0 m x 3.0 m
Usable irradiated area SunSim 3c/HighLIGHT LMT: 2.0 m x 2.0 m

Both SunSim 3b and SunSim 3c can be rated class AA – AA – AA (or A+ according to TÜV). This outstanding quality is the result of Pasan SA's (Meyer Burger's competence center for measurement technologies) more than 30 years of experience and technical expertise in the field of PV measurement. Therefore manufacturers who want to improve their ROI (return on investment) and want to measure their modules with the highest precision rely on Pasan equipments. Most prestigious institutes and certification bodies worldwide use Pasan as standard measuring equipment that is renowned for its exact measuring method.

Main features

    • Class A+A+A+ (at least twice better than IEC class A)
    • Pulse duration 10 ms
    • Electronic load up to 300 V and 30 A
    • Incidence angle < 15°

The system includes

  • Electronic load
  • Flash generator & light box
  • Monitor cell
  • PC with operating software
  • Capability of measuring high efficiency modules


  • Dark tunnel (horizontal or vertical set up, with our without module holders)
  • Light attenuation mask for low irradiance measurement (from 100 to 700W/m2)
  • 15 spectral filters to measure the spectral response of the module
  • WPVS ref. cell interface
  • Additional temperature measurement channel (PT100, PT1000, IR)
  • Label printer, barcode reader
  • Hipot

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