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Cell Tester SpotLIGHT

Engineered for achieving grid parity

The SpotLIGHT is a new generation cell tester that addresses the market need to measure standard or high efficiency cells as well as heterojunction cells with the highest possible accuracy whilst at the same time lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO) for customers.

The optical design of the machine is based on Meyer Burger’s well-established module tester HighLIGHT with its innovative patent-pending contact system. This offers customers the most accurate measurement on the market today.

The SpotLIGHT was designed to minimize maintenance and to significantly reduce downtime. The lifecycle of its contacting system is 10 times longer than that of other systems currently available on the market, thus substantially reducing TCO.

Specifically designed to improve your performance

  • Patented contacting system with a high reliability
  • Customer-specific interferential filters to match the AM1.5 spectrum
  • High reproducibility of measurements

Specifically designed to reduce your costs

  • Shortest cycle time on the market
  • Long lifetime lamps and contacts
  • Simple maintenance procedure


The unique GridTOUCH solution allows accurate measurement of busbarless cells.


Ultra-thin contacts for busbar cells reduce shadowing.

Main features

  • Class A+A+A+ (at least twice better than IEC class A)
  • Illuminated area of up to 22 cm x 22 cm (8 inches)
  • Long lasting lamps and contact systems
  • < 2min downtime for lamp changes
  • Pulse duration up to 600ms

System includes

The system includes

  • Electronic load
  • Flash generator
  • Flash box assembly
  • Monitor cell
  • Control cell
  • PC with operating software


Compatible cell sizes:

  • 5" (12.5 cm)
  • 6" (15.6 cm)
  • 8" (22.2 cm)


  • 2 busbars
  • 3 busbars
  • 5 busbars
  • other configurations upon request.

Back contact upon request.

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