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This is a full-featured system for quality inspection and measuring the performance of solar cells. The system can either be included into a production line or as offline tool. Meyer Burger offers a multitude of feeding possibility in order to match the customer's needs as far as possible.

Core of the measuring system is the cell tester, measuring the electrical performance of solar cells. Depending on the cell technology to be measured, either a SpotLIGHT HighCap or a SpotLIGHT 1sec will used. For busbar cells a long-lasting, high quality contacting solution (SoftTouch) is provided. For busbarless cells the innovative GridTouch solution is offered, which is perfectly emulating the later interconnection of cells in the module.

The following measuring modules are also integrated:

  • Color inspection module: the color appearance of the measured cells is qualified and can be used as sorting criterion
  • Optical inspection module: thanks to the very high optical resolution smallest optical defects can be detected on both front and back of the cells
  • Electroluminescence module: with this module a µ-crack recognition is possible. In addition, big metallization defects are detected
  • GridResistance module: this module is measuring the electrical resistance of the metallization on the front side. This allows to control and optimize both sreen-printing and firing process.

All key data obtained is stored centrally on a measuring server in a database and can be used as sorting criteria according to customer wishes. The sorting itself is done by our innovative SmartCellSorter.

Up to 24 boxes are provided on a footprint of 2m². Conveyor belts are used to transport the cells into the right bins, without the usage of a gripper. This minimizes the mechanical stress on the cells. Simultaneously the scratching of the cells because of overlapping is avoided. By positioning several SmartCellSorters in a row, the number of boxes can be multiplied.

The solar cells will be sorted with the highest precision due to the high accuracy of the measuring modules. This results in a perfect sorting of cells as an ideal preparation for module production.

Of course, a PV2 interface is provided to connect the system to a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) so that all measuring and machine data can be centrally stored.

Technical Data


1'800 cells per hour (Spotlight 1sec)

1'300 cells per hour (Spotlight HighCap)

Repeatability on Pmpp

4σ < 50mW


>=99,85 %


>3'500mm x 1'060mm x 2'200mm


Stack, Cassette, Carrier, Inline

Flasher Configuration

Xenon + LED with Auto-Calibration Check

Xenon lamp lifetime

>1,000,000 flashes

Lifetime contacts

>7,000,000 contact cycles

Number of bins

24, 48, 72, …


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